ALISON OFKEM is a high-end, unisex sneaker brand, founded in Paris in 2020 by self-taught shoe designer Ali Kebir, which offers unique and minimalist designs. Very attached to his family heritage, and particularly to his mother, a former seamstress, the name Ofkem derives from the contraction of his parents' surnames. Originally from Marseille, the brand offers leather sneakers, inspired by architecture, but also by nature and the aquatic world, from the shape of waves to the structure of shark teeth. All collections are available in a wide range of sizes, from 36 to 47, in order to offer an entirely gender-neutral collection, regardless of color or model. Eco-responsibility is also an integral part of the ALISON OFKEM philosophy, which uses up to 40% recycled materials for its soles, and 70% for the fabrics that make up the shoe. The leathers are, for their part, from the food circuit. European production in Portugal also makes it possible to keep a minimum distance to travel for the transport of shoes. Light, versatile, comfortable and stylish, ALISON OFKEM represents the perfect compromise for a cool and durable sneaker.



ALISON OFKEM opens its first store in Marseille

Launched during the first confinement in 2020, the young sneaker label ALISON OFKEM is opening its first physical point of sale this week. Located in the very commercial rue Paradis in the first arrondissement of Marseille, the 60m2 shop offers a minimalist and intimate decoration in order to best welcome its privileged customers. A true flagship, this point of sale will be an opportunity for the entrepreneur and creator of the Ali Kebir label to centralize all of his operations in order to perpetuate and develop the brand, in a territory he knows inside out, himself from Marseille. Meet now at 20 rue Paradis, 13001 Marseille to discover the universe

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